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2t Lembeth Piping
$330 inc GST

if you love piping this workshop will be perfect f...

3D Camel Cake
$660 inc GST

Workshop OverviewIn this 2 day workshop students w...

3D Dragon
$350 inc GST

Students will be learning how to skulpt a square c...

3D Porche Workshop
$660 inc GST

Workshop OverviewStudents will learn how to tran...

3tier zebra with lilies
$550 inc GST

Workshop overviewIn this Intermediate 1 Class stud...

5 Days Beginner Intensive
$1250 inc GST

This 5 day Beginners Class will give students the ...

Advanced Figurine - Bride & Groom
$495 inc GST

in this 2 days Bride & Groom Workshop, where y...

Advanced Piping
Advanced Piping-Adelaide

Learn different varieties of side piping and royal...

Alice in Wonderland topsy turvy
$700 inc GST

This two days workshop is one of most popular work...

amazing dessert
$770 inc GST

Come and join Handi in this 2 day fun creative wok...

$450 inc GST

During this 2 days class, students will master set...

Carp Fish - SYDNEY
$770 inc GST

Workshop Overview:In This class You will learn h...

Circus topsy Turvy Sydney
$660 inc GST

In This class You will learn how to setup a st...

Fifi the Poodle
$660 inc GST

This two day workshop is perfect for those who lov...

Floral arrangement
$450 inc GST

In this two day workshop Handi will teach you 3 di...

flower box sydney
$400 inc GST

Come and join Handi over two days and create this ...

Fruit Box and a Cocktail
$660 inc GST

In This class You will learn how to se...

Funky Airplane Cake - Syd
$260 inc GST

Join Handi for this NEW Beginner I Class, where yo...

Funky Giraffe sydney
$660 inc GST

Join Handi in this 2 days 3D Standing Sculpturel ...

$385 inc GST

Workshop Overview:In this workshop students will b...

High tea topsy turvy
$660 inc GST

In this two day class Handi will guide you how to ...

ice cream bowl

Workshop OverviewThis workshop is designed for beg...

Lambeth Piping 101
$330 inc GST

This is the class for serious piping enthusiast. T...

Large Featured Flowers
$440 inc GST

Join Handi in this two day class,  Stu...

Laura The Decorator
$660 inc GST

Structure, structure and structurethis cake is sta...

Madhatter - Sydney
$770 inc GST

Join Handi in this 2 day workshop o...

orchid Planter
$660 inc GST

Workshop OverviewHow amazing is this orchid plante...

Puppy Love
$260 inc GST

Students will learn how to setup a square cake...

Stiletto figurine
$220 inc GST

Workshop Overview: This class is designed t...

The Movie Night
$660 inc GST

this towering cake has a WOW factor and can be ada...

True Love
$350 inc GST

When You know someone who is in love... this is a ...

Beginners Piping
Beginners Piping
$165 inc GST

Learn different variety of basic piping and royal ...

Sugar Flowers for Beginners
Sugar Flowers for Beginners
$385 inc GST

There are not many cake decorators that can produc...

Intermediate 1 - 3 tier black and white
3 tier black and white - Sydney

In this Intermediate 1 Class students will learn h...

intermediate 3 - 2T Double Barrel Cake
2T Double barrel - Sydney
$660 inc GST

This class solves many of the mysteries in setting...

large feature flowers
Intermediate sugar flower- Large feature flowers

Join Handi in this two day class,  Student wi...

3-D Ball with a Figurine

Novelty cakes are a Handi specialty. Creating a 3-...

Circus Train

Join Handi in this fun 2-day course creating a Cir...

Advanced Piping
$250 inc GST

Workshop Overview:Learn different varieties of sid...

Teapot Cake
$495 inc GST

Novelty Cakes are one of Handi's specialties. Crea...

hello kitty angel
$495 inc GST

Join Margaret Carter, The Queen of Novelty Cakes,i...

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Handi’s Cakes offer a wide range of courses to suit different interests, styles and skill levels. Currently, we have over 25 different courses running in locations all around the world. Whether you want to build a stunningly lifelike 3D cake, or perfect a classic piping technique, you can do it with a Handi’s course. Some of our students are hospitality students seeking to extend their skills, but many are home baking and decorating enthusiasts, so no matter what your starting skill level you’ll feel at home.

Our students love that our cake decorating courses are both fun and professionally operated. All materials are supplied, so you needn’t bring anything except yourself and your enthusiasm! Although you’ll fit a lot of learning into your hours in the course, you’ll never feel pressured or rushed. You’ll finish your course with plenty of notes and resources, plus the confidence to recreate the design or reproduce the technique at home. Of course, we also supply a wide range of quality decorating tools at affordable prices – click on Online Shop to view the whole range.

It’s easy to view upcoming courses near you. Select your location from the drop down menu at the top of the page, or simply browse courses that catch your eye and take a look at the individual pages to see when they’re being run near you. If you don’t see your preferred course in your city, please feel free to contact us for more information, and don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list to receive the latest course details.


grand opening and workshop in jakarta

20 Aug 2014 at 12:49am

 1 july 2015, i was so honored to be invited to this amazing high tech grand opening of the new school in Jakarta... Sugar World Academy.  in this cake school there will be numerous master classes will be taught by international cake artists

 here is the sample for some of the food served at the g...

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Doha, UAE workshops and demo at the Indonesian Embassy for Qatar

31 Jul 2014 at 8:33am

 i was so over the moon when one of my good students who lives in Doha UAE asking me to go and do a few workshop under baking studio... yusy and safinaz were working tirelessly to make sure the classes run smoothly which they did. and they still manage to smile all the way... love you both
 the cl...

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fruit box and a cocktail topsy turvy

31 Jul 2014 at 8:02am

 something a little more fresh and healthy design... lots of learning outcomes from this unique workshop. students will have a chance to learn and work with chocolate molding paste, airbrush and a little bit of painting as well as learning how to essemble the cake with an appropriate support.

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amazing dessert topsy turvy

31 Jul 2014 at 7:55am

 recently i did this amazing dessert workshop that i just love it so much... measuring 85cm tall and full of delicious sweets... done in cakes and mostly edible.  now many other places starting to teach this class with their own twist... i am so happy that my design is much loved by others...

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Kln, Germany. 3T madhatter workshop

31 Jul 2014 at 7:39am

 recently i went to kln, germany to teach this elegant 3 tier madhatter cake with cascading flowers in may at Tolle Torten.
 the students were so talented and fun, full of laughter and the results were fantastic. I could not be more happier
 and not to mention they are very photogenic and know how...

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